Copy writing

Before we unpack our content generation process, let’s quickly look at how content works.

Intrinsic Media understands that content is founded on two key groups of people – the people doing the talking and the people digesting the content.

Success for those doing the talking is found when people a) understand the content and b) respond to the content.

For people consuming the content, it’s therefore logical that content has an                impact when it retains their attention and they respond to it by doing something or sharing that content with other people.

This is the end goal of content generation. But how do you get there?

There are two elements to generating impactful content. Firstly understanding the people and secondly understanding the medium.

Understanding the people:

Intrinsic Media strives to generate content that has this impact by coming to understand both sides of the spectrum. So for example, because most companies specialise in a product that gives them a competitive edge, a common challenge for companies is to effectively communicate what they do and why it’s valuable in an easy to understand way.

When creating content for a client, we have to understand their value proposition first. The second step is understanding the target audience. The creative trick then comes in creating content that the client believes communicates the message, while at the same time ensuring the content is engaging and easily accessible by the audience.

Understanding the medium:

When we consider the message we are creating and who is reading it, we need to bear in mind the medium that the content is being delivered through.

Printed content like newsletters, brochures, sales documentation, tender documentation and so on all have their own styles and requirements.

Similarly in an online world, a press release, Facebook post, website content, blog, product information and so on all have different styles, length requirements and so on.

Intrinsic Media therefore takes into account the people who it is generating the content for, the people who will be reading the content and the medium through which they will be receiving it when generating content.