Digital Strategy

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Having worked with Strategy Worx for a number of years, Intrinsic Media began working in partnership with Strategy Worxon 2013 to work on companies’ online presence and assisted in the development of its Online Synergy Audit tool:

Strategy Worx therefore assists companies with auditing what they are doing online and the strategy to truly take their business online.

Intrinsic Media works as a partner agency to Strategy Worx, where companies need assistance with the roll out of their online strategy.

Building a digital landscape:

Intrinsic Media started community gaming leagues on PC with AGASA in the mid-2000s. Initially the goal was just to get gamers to be able to play online against each other on their PCs, starting off with a focus on First Person Shooter titles like Counter-Strike 1.6 and Battlefield 2. Up until that point, the competitive gaming industry had focused on LAN play.

Once leagues were organized and up and running, Telkom bought into the idea and Telkom Gaming (now VS Gaming) was launched and what started as a handful of competitive players has grown into a competitive gaming league with over 5700 gamers in it who play week in, week out across PC and console platforms in a league structure not unlike Super Rugby or the British Premier League in football.

Intrinsic Media then began assisting Telkom with strategy and has been working with Telkom to take its gaming offering in South Africa to the next level to take the local gaming industry, which is already bigger than movies and music in South Africa, and activate the online gaming portion of it through competitive interaction.