Blog content

The main challenge with a blog is keeping it updated. The amount of effort to regularly produce content is significant and blogs often fail as people come bogged down with the burden of keeping of keeping a blog relevant and updated.

Blogs are a tool to share information and so each blog post does not have to be a well written article, but can simply be a reference to multimedia content, a website or an interesting news piece.

However, ultimately it’s about getting the balance of information right. The blog has to be engaging and has to keep people coming back for more. If the blog is not diverse enough in its type of content it’s not going to keep an audience. Unique content will always be important because if a blog simply has syndicated content then readers will simply start getting their content from original sources.

It’s also important to understand what content is appropriate for blogs as a medium to that target audience. For example, a lot of people have started getting the kind of content they used to get from blogs from their social media networks, which are ideal for video and picture sharing.

Intrinsic Media looks to bring the right balance of content to blogs and make them engaging to assist in building a readership base. We also manage the community aspect with comments and discussions on sites to facilitate interaction with the readership base.