Social Media

Intrinsic Media’s focus around social media ties in with its strategy of centralising content generation and our approach to content.

The thing companies need to understand about using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc is that it’s about speaking to an audience and maintaining a conversation.

Companies can re-tweet what other people are saying on Twitter, share YouTube videos on Facebook and link some of the company’s website pages or blog links for only so long before people become board with it. What’s needed is original content and insightful commentary on the market.

The way to do this is ultimately to have blog which is fed onto Twitter fan pages as well as regular updates on the market sector the company plays in as well as looking for information that is really useful to pass on to the audience.

Social Media plays a vital role in allowing companies to speak directly to their target audience without having to use the media or advertising to do so and it also plays a critical role in creating a bread crumb trail back to you on the Internet so that more people can find you.

The way people consume content is changing. Traditionally people used to go to the media for news. Now more and more people wait for content to flitter across their social media net and they consume it if they interested in it. If you’re not creating great content, it won’t be shared and the viral benefit of social media is lost.