Websites are becoming increasingly powerful with the rise of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Having the right content and a site set-up to be SEO friendly means that people will be more likely to find you.

Getting that process right with web content is the key. Many companies think they’ll get their site designed and then they’ll just write the copy themselves.

Intrinsic Media not only does the strategy for websites and the development but it also creates the copy for websites. However, we can do the different elements separately if the others are not required.

The importance of content:

When it comes to web content, how you say it is almost as important as what you are saying.

Taking content and simply sticking it on a website doesn’t mean it’s going to be effective or that it will be read.

The content on the site has to cater for the kind of searches people would type in to a search engine like Google. It has to be tagged correctly, it has to use the right words to line up with people’s searches. Furthermore, the content on the website has to have its tagging done properly, strategies need to be put in place to increase Google page rank, the amount of pages being indexed by Google needs to be considered and so on.

Intrinsic Media’s focus with website content is to take all of these factors into account. It starts with creating punchy, easy to read copy that keeps the reader engaged and gets the message across. Then that content needs to be presented correctly and distributed through various feeds like social media sites, forums, blog aggregators etc.

Ultimately this needs to be an ongoing process and Intrinsic Media will either assist companies with that or train people internally to be able to update their own websites.